Bring On The Love Wolf!

How many stories about tragic love do we celebrate?  Iconic, timeless stories  by acclaimed authors. Countless poets & lyricists of great fame – both ancient and modern.  Even personal stories of lost friends or family members.   Plug in “suicide for love” into Google and you get numerous hits for poems, songs, videos, movies, plays,  support groups or helplines.  So much time and effort for those who have died for love.

What about living for love?  Why is it less dramatic to just live for love?  Okay, so plug that into Google and you’ll get a few lyrics … but definitely no support groups. 
Let’s say you fall in love over and over again, because you … well…..just loved that person, each person, every person you dated.  For a moment, for a day, for years.    And then you learned something new or something changed, either positive or negative, and the decision was made to end that relationship and move on.  To love again.
What if one day you fell in love at first meeting and decided to get married within days or weeks of knowing each other?   What if it was someone your friends had not even met and appraised?  Where’s the support group for that?  Sure, there’s great “love at first sight” stories too – but in these days?  In this time and age?  When’s the last time you heard one that wasn’t a movie plot or the story of how your grandparents met?
If it was a loss of or for love, we are met with the dreamy sense of … ah fate and fortune, how tragic and yet how remembered, if not celebrated – it was for love…*sigh*; the same sense that has kept us enthralled with Romeo & Juliet for centuries.   
But fall in love in a moment or in a single look or in a first kiss – find the one that you Just Know is right, commit yourself, perhaps for the first time, to the true idea of true love and just jump in with both feet … then  you are met with skepticism, cynicism, shock, tempered congratulations, raised eyebrows and cautionary tales for your own good – all fair play because people love you and have seen you get hurt and don’t want you to go through it again; and don’t want to go through it *with* you again.  God bless them – they are good, honest, wise, thoughtful , loving friends and family.   Each entitled to their valued opinion; and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
But let’s face it people – it’s not shooting up heroin.  It’s just happening to fall in love … again … and  hopefully for the last time.  You know that story about the Boy Who Cried Wolf?  Well, one of those times, it was the wolf.  In other words, sometimes it actually happens.
So you know what I say?   I say … bring on the wolf!

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