Dream On You Dreamers

A shout out to Love from the Love Acolyte. For everyone who is trying so hard to diminish today by referring to it as contrived and commercial – what’s so bad about Love? And before you jump on me because I found my Valentine, it’s not because I’m smug. Far from it. I’m grateful and sometimes still bemused and feel very, very lucky. I found him when I was 52. I waited a long time and it hurt all along the way.

What I want to tell anyone who cares to listen is that it’s OK to dare to dream, to be idealistic in the face of the doubters and pragmatics. For me, once I made that decision, I actually felt lighter, and committed to something rather than sad about it. This led to some changes in my behavior (goodbye online dating – hello Reset Vacation in Hawaii) and ultimately to my deciding to declare to the world with a blog dedicated to True Love. I put myself out there – heart and soul. Big girl dream wings on.

Now it’s a blog that I’ve neglected for the last 16 months or so because … I’ve been too busy being in love (wait – was that smug? Wasn’t meant to be). But it’s time I took up the virtual pen again. This is my start. Dream on you dreamers, you Wishers, you Heart-beaters! You are loved because you can love yourself. And I love you.

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