Someone I was intimate with has written me a letter, and in it he referenced some of what he thinks my problems are, including this: ” an extreme amount of longing that is very difficult to bear sometimes.”  Well, naturally I had to think about all that and here’s where I’m at:   I actually kinda like it.  I accept it.  In fact, I’m sort of proud of it.  I *do* have a sense of longing.  Anyone who knows me or has even glanced at my writings can get that.  I’m a Romantic.  I think the very word ‘longing’ is romantic.  It implies that there is a goal, and a dream, and a soft sigh from a yearning heart.  It reminds me not to settle.  It enforces that being alone is better than being in something unhealthy or unhappy (or both).  Sure, I’d rather have a love and a partner, but based on what I’ve seen as my options so far, I’ll take the longing instead.

Now excuse me while I place the back of my hand to my forehead and fall (gracefully) into a lovely chaise lounge in tragic pose.

[Original Post: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 12:50pm]

One thought on “Longing

  1. 😉

    Hec, I've been accused of being a drama king!

    Keep dreaming. Keep longing. I believe 'The Universe' always provides for us what we need. It might not be on the same time-frame that we want it to be, but I choose to believe each of us will eventually find what we are looking for.

    One of my 'mantras' is, "If you believe it to be true, it's more likely to be true."

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