Love is Heavier than Air

 Swept off my feet.  Over the moon.  On cloud nine.  Walking on air.  All wonderful expressions of falling in love, all ways that I personally have felt.  But here is what comes next – all of these phrases are about being disconnected from earth … from having our feet on the ground.  And for me, when I’m not rooted, I start to lose myself.  Sure, I want to float … it’s all part and parcel of the bliss.  But I want to remember and keep that part of myself that loves to dig her toes into the sand, or stand on a hill and feel the wind, or walk on the ground in which lies the roots of giant redwood trees.  It is from the ground that I feel an essence rise up through the soles of my feet, an invisible cord that connects me and feeds me at the same time.  So often in Love … or well, in the search for Love … I’ve actually participated in the losing of myself – I wanted to get carried away.  Learning, trying, experimenting, life lessons, self-introspection, self-awareness, self-sufficient… it’s all exhausting. And there’s a lot of “self” in there.  So its nice to fall, to let go, to concentrate on someone else for a change.  It feels self-fulfilling (aha!).  But the point is, rather than a play on words, that losing myself is not good.  I want Love, yes – this much is abundantly clear.  But not to be so lifted into the air that I forget to come back to earth.  On the ground, it gets a little gritty, a little muddy, and a little dirty.  We need that reality.  Hell, we need all of the elements to really make it real.  Fire of passion.  Water of tears – both joyful and sad.  Solid earth beneath us, and the ability to soar in the air.  All I ask is, don’t let me forget me.  Isn’t that who you loved in the first place?

[Original Post: Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 11:46am]

One thought on “Love is Heavier than Air

  1. Really nice stuff Sharon. You write wonderfully. Most of my stuff is juvenile compared to yours. But I'm hoping you'll find something on my blog that catches your interest. I really love corresponding with someone as open and honest and expressive about their feelings as you are. I hope we decide to meet sometime, I'm VERY curious to find what we see when we look into each others eyes.

    Here's another one of my expressions of my feelings:


    Pumping the pedals, hard and fast
    Makes my muscles ache, like the past
    She wants the pain to end, not last
    He wants the pain for gain, he laughs

    Her humor is aroused, she laughs
    Their blood pressures rise as they reach the pass
    Over the hill they roll in the grass
    Trying not to be too, too crass

    They remount their bikes for another blast
    Into the ralm of exhaustion-less-ness
    Before they reach their goal, they flash
    On the excitement they have unlashed

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