Love to Love

Sometimes you have to love before you fall in love.  Love is not always complete at that first rush.  Love is not always the end answer … it’s just the beginning – no matter how long you’ve been in love, building up to it, giving in to it, realizing it, or by golly even telling yourself that you have it, just so you can live the fairy tale. 

I fell in love.  And then I *really* fell in love.  I think about the love I had for him when I said Yes to his proposal, because I’m so much more in love with him now.  Next time I see him, I’m looking forward to falling in love some more. And I suspect that I’ll keep falling in love with him until my last breath.  That is the joy of a journey – the starting out and the coming home…and everything inbetween.

I think that’s just the way it should be.  Finding that person, even marrying that person, is not the culmination…not by a long shot.  Find someone who inspires you all the time, not only with the discovery of who they are, how they think … but inspires you to fall in love with them all the time, more and more as time goes by.

 Imagine just how much fun that will be – enough to sustain you through a lifetime…wait…not just sustain you – but give you something to look forward to.  So please be careful in thinking that it’s all a rush, and then you get to wear the pretty dress, and then it’s just clean up and a stale cake in your freezer afterwards. 

When you meet that person – Love them… then fall in love … then discover love. 

It’s worth the wait – believe me.

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