I rededicate myself to the whole reason I started these “love notes”.   I’m going back and rereading them.  I had a reason for writing them, but for awhile I got distracted and I stopped.  Maybe because I fell in love with the love that made me start writing them in the first place.  Now, I am reminding myself, it has to be True Love or nothing, but whooheee – it’s not easy.   Yet I know, in the deepest most honest part of myself, what it feels like and will not lose sight and will not compromise beyond reason.  This will be my Truth to abide by.  It will keep the light shining, it will be my guide when it gets tough, it will be my altar if I have need.   It takes work and sacrifice and worship and patience and sometimes backing down.  But for what greater good than for Love, I ask you.  It is work I will do, it reminds me I’m a grown up.  And what keeps me calm, in the end, is that I made this dedication – so I raise my glass to Love.  To Lovers and Dreamers everywhere.  Bon Chance!  Bon Voyage!

[Original Post: Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 12:27pm]

One thought on “Rededication

  1. Cheers to you! I raise my glass and drink from it. You have tapped my Spring of Love. Your musings have re-focused and re-energized me. You are reaching out and touching me in a way I have not been touched in a long, long time. Thank you sooo much!


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