Sun Bath

OK, my Darlings…first of all…it is a gorgeous day … a GOR JHUS day. MmmmWow! I hope you are all going to have something today that lets in the gorgeous, cuz it is out there! Anyhow, I am sitting in my window perch. I’m thinking about picnics. The sun is shining shining warm warm, I am tending to my flowers, the shadows are falling into my living room and creating new art – I swear, there’s this one shadow … it is falling through this iron room/yard divider I have, with stylized leaves and amber beads, onto the bronze cat statute/urn (Hi Deco sweetie) in such a way that is so perfect, it blows my mind.

The sun shadow cuts across the wood and picks up just the base of my little Buddha candleholder. And it is just the sort of morning where I look and realize that the tea candle is and has been burnt out, and suddenly that is terribly significant, so I pluck a little blue flower cluster and put it in his hands and we have a little talk.

Now, see …I don’t usually do this. I’m not praying to Buddha necessarily because I don’t know or follow the religion, but still…in a way … I am praying, so there you go. It’s a nice chat.

After that I turn back into the sun and I decide to try meditating …. I know, I know …again, not exactly like me….but you all know I’m a big thinker and it’s an interesting exercise to be more aware of that and to experiment with turning it off … or down. And just like praying, I think we all sort of already know how to meditate – maybe it’s not a disciplined practice, but we still find ways of doing it. So I give it a go, I close my eyes and make up my own chant, because I don’t really know any, and I sort of drift, relax, but let’s face it I’m still thinking, oh but this feels nice and I think I just sort of meditated a little bit, but if I’m *thinking* that I just meditated, doesn’t that mean I’m not really meditating..oh hell, let’s just stretch in the sun.

And so I stretch and then I sunbathe. Now, I mean, I really sunbathe…I’ve been soaking up the warm morning buttery sun and I can feel it on my skin, so I rub it in. Isn’t that what you would do? I sort of wash my face in it, and arms and legs and hands. And then I think …I wonder if that act was the true origin of the word “sunbathe”. And then …. well, I decided to sit down and write about it all.

[Original Post: Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 10:37am]

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