The Love Spring

For some of us, Love is like a spring, tightly coiled inside us. Sister, perhaps, to the phrase Hope Springs Eternal. We have more than the desire to Love, we have the need. The search for one to receive is our purpose. We want to give, to care, to express, and yes – to receive in return. Kahlil Gibran describes this far more beautifully than I can in The Prophet. When that spring is unbound, it releases with great power. I think of this as Passion…yet another word and ideal that has been diluted and degraded. Like a Goddess reduced to a dancehall girl. When displayed outside of “proper” constraints, or the domain of artists, it is too intense, too intimate, too much. And more often than not, it is turned against us. I say this is a great loss of beauty and connection and personal revelation. It is a gift that is unappreciated, a loss to the recipient and a wound to the giver. *sigh*
[Original Post: Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 9:50am]

One thought on “The Love Spring

  1. Thank you "Candy" for bringing the feeling that wanting/ desiring/ and needing True Love is a blessing, not a curse.

    I've spent the last several years trying to learn to live without it, and have had some moderate success, but you're reminding me that my True Self is someone who will not die happily unless I am bonded with someone at the heart.

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