Want A Man, Need A Man

Want A Man: He is … A gentleman, a scoundrel, a home-partner and fellow traveler. Confident but not arrogant, Funny, Intelligent, Sexy, Spirited and Spiritual, Ready for Emotional Commitment, Hopefully in a similar place in their life as mine, Monogamous, Open minded, Perceptive, Kind, Romantic. Capable of living life to the fullest and yet also enjoys the silence of being in the same room without having to entertain each other. Strong arms to wrap me up in and let me feel safe, a slightly dangerous twinkle in your eyes, adventure in your soul, and an easy smile. Sweep me off my feet with romance, listen to my opinion with respect. Help me cook in the kitchen while we talk, other days let me wait on you because it pleases me to do so and because I know you will appreciate it. Challenge me in conversation without bullying. Support my endeavors and my dreams, be ready to make suggestions. Remember. Be honest. Have integrity. Let me be in charge sometimes. Know how to laugh and how to dance with abandon. Never let me doubt that I am the woman you choose, whether across a crowded room or across continents. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Need A Man: To take out the garbage.

[Original Post: Friday, July 2, 2010 at 3:45pm]

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