When & Why

When do I feel it? When I can fall in love with you, right now, in this moment, right away, without fear or cause … in this blessed time while I can still have faith and hope that you will never break my heart. When I can’t sleep. When I …just….can’t….sleep. I can’t sleep. When my body feels light and trembly and on the verge of crying and it’s confusing and wonderful and terrifying and it reminds me that my heart is not cracked and dry. When signs and songs and phrases appear “coincidentally” and it makes me believe there is still magic. When I find myself actually considering having my palm read. (LOL) (Wait, no really). When I can do a sincere, rational Pro/Con list and the Pros are winning. When I find myself using the word Yearning in a sentence. When it’s still all with me, and my life is and will remain my own and my journey appears enhanced rather than detracted. No matter what. When the first thing I want to do when I see you is kiss you. No, change that to – make out with you.  When I panic, just a little bit, which isn’t fun but by golly it let’s me know I’m alive and feelin’ it. When my heart says – hey. pssst. You’re feeling something and it’s love … Way before my brain starts to bully me.
[Original Post: Friday, June 4, 2010 at 6:17pm]

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