Where Did Love Go?

Philosophical question or just plain human nature or how the stars are aligned: Has anyone besides me noticed that lately people in love are sad more than joyous. I’ve had 2 friend dates in a row & both of them express the same experience. In love and Sad. And that’s just the last 2 – I’ve heard it from others. Most often it seems one person (usually *not* the sad person) has all the power – and one person is just waiting for some basic communication, and yet are mysteriously bound by some unknown rule that they can’t just ask “hey, what’s going on with us?”. This makes me sad. I love Love – what’s happening to it?
[Original Post: Monday, June 14, 2010 at 8:04pm]

One thought on “Where Did Love Go?

  1. Unfortunately, what you're describing (in my opinion) isn't love. It's the desire to love and/ or be loved. That's where the sadness comes in. If the love isn't there, and two people are only trying and wishing that it was… it's a very sad thing.

    I've thought I was in love… several times. But in each instance, it turned out that I was only one part of two people attempting to create love. I believe love is something that simply happens. No effort, and no struggle.

    I hope I'll find it someday.

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